Post 5 Last days in Sri Lanka…chilling!

Our last few days in Sri Lanka were spent in 2 contrasting places. We treated ourselves to one night of relaxation at the Turtle Bay Hotel at Kalametiya. Situated on an unspoilt beach, it was very peaceful, topped off by a delicious dinner by candlelight around a twinkling pool! Of course, we can’t sit still for too long, so at dawn we were taken for a punt on a small local boat around the bird reserve. It was stunning. So peaceful. Just us, a multitude of birds, water buffalo and some monkeys!

Then it was off to Galle. A delightful town inside 17th century dutch fortifications. Our hotel, Fort Bliss, was a charming 4 room old colonial house inside the walls. We did the 3km walk around the ramparts with Tissa explaining the Portuguese/Dutch/British history. We were also retracing the steps of Chris’ father, who visited here on his way to his posting on the Cocos Islands in WW2. It is still partly used as a military base, and at 6.30 am a large group of army guys came running past, shouting motivational slogans, Platoon style.

The town is charming, with museums, historic buildings and cafes. We had an excellent meal at Chambers – a Lebanese / Asian fusion of delicious mezze for about £10 pp.

It looked so delicious we ate half of it before we remembered the photo!

4 poster bed Sri Lankan style!

We were intrigued to see Morris minor cars dotted around, in apparently jolly good condition. Turns out the Morris minor repair shop is down the road, making spare parts for them… and sending them to the UK too!

Then to the airport. A sad farewell to Tissa – he has been amazing. We can tell he disapproves of us going to India! He is a Sri Lankan Buddist, so the Indians have always been the Invaders!

We won’t say anything. He is kindly looking after a suitcase for us while we are in India so we can ‘travel light’. We come back to Colombo for a night before Australia… and it turns out that in a complete coincidence, we have booked an air bnb with a good friend of his!

We absolutely loved Sri Lanka, and I really hope we can return.

A few other things we loved… the children in their school uniforms, Post boxes from the British era, and the FOOD!




2 thoughts on “Post 5 Last days in Sri Lanka…chilling!

  1. Paul Simpson

    Yet another great blog. It looks so amazing, can’t believe it’s time to move on.
    Roll on seeing New Delhi etc etc with you both.


  2. dosdeuxswei

    Hi Anne & Chris,

    Received bulletin as above,……….Excellent !………….Suggestion No.1, replace ‘ Fogeys “ with “ Foodies “. Some of the dishes look great, perhaps just as well the emails are not aromatic………….Suggestion No. 2. Why not number the bulletins to elevate the possibility of none receipt of same ? We loved the personal photos received with previous email, for which thanks. We thought a likeness may be an earlier photo of David Attenborough and for Kate Humble, read Anne Bartlett, Or should the latter be the other way round ? ( actually think Anne ,you may have much in common with Kate ). Is it better to respond by clicking on “reply to sender “ or by sending a separate email ? Concerned about capacity your end.

    That’s it, take care of yourselves, Love David & Yvonne xx



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