Bimbling is moving!

Anne here, writing to you as March races by and the prospect of a little bit of freedom is coming a little closer. Yippee! I do believe we need to keep following the lockdown rules, even once we have had our vaccines, but I am confident that, in the coming weeks and months, we can return to meeting family and friends, eating out and travelling!
While Chris has been happily building his train layout, I have spent this last lockdown attempting to set up a new blog. Those of you who followed Bimbling in Boris seemed to enjoy it, but this format is difficult to post to while we are travelling, and quite restrictive.

So, I have a new blog called 10 miles from.  All the travel diaries from this Bimbling site have been moved across, and are in the Travel Diaries dropdown menu.
The new blog will allow me to continue to write the Travel diaries… (when we can travel), but also indulge in a new project called 10miles from, where I produce little, printable fact sheets centred on a place we visit, highlighting the hidden gems in that area, rather than just the big tourist attractions. There are only 4 at the moment, but I will add to it!
Also, in the new blog I can indulge my love of writing by making random posts about topics linked to Travel, Food and Drink, and Wellbeing, hopefully with lots of good ideas and tips! Ultimately I would love to get a few articles published, and having a blog helps establish my writing credentials!
So I need your help!  In order to get noticed on the search engines, it really helps if I have some followers, and some comments on some of the posts… preferably nice ones! There are 4 ways you could help!
1. Have a look at the new site, maybe read a post or two, and then perhaps add a comment. 

2. Even better would be if you would also fill in the subscribe box – which doesn’t involve money!! Just like this one, it just needs your name and email, and then you will receive an email whenever a new post is published.There might be quite a few initially as I am setting up, but this will reduce! And you can always choose not to read them if the subject doesn’t interest you!

3. Share the site with any friends you think might be interested!
4. If you use instagram, look for the and follow it, and comment on any posts you like!

It would be lovely to see you on the new site, and hear your thoughts, comments and suggestions.

Happy travelling and Take Care, Anne xx

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