Technical Stuff and information about the campervan layout.

Technical Stuff and information about the campervan layout.

Boris the Bus is based on a Renault Master 2.5 litre turbo diesel panel van with 6 speed Automatic Transmission.

Fuel consumption averages 29 mpg which we are very pleased with.

He was converted from new by a specialist firm called Danbury to a layout called the Danbury Family 4. This has the possibility of a double bed at the back, and 2 smallish singles at the front.

Before choosing Boris we had made a checklist of things which were Essential, Desirable and Nice if we could get them!

This was the only layout that ticked all the boxes. We didn’t have to compromise on very much at all.

If it helps any of you, some of our  key essentials were:

  • At least 2.3 turbo engine
  • Automatic
  • Less than 6 metres long
  • Van rather than coachbuilt (slightly narrower therefore easier in country lanes etc!)
  • 4 seats with seat belts
  • A double bed at the back which could be left up permanently (ESSENTIAL!)
  • A seating area with table independent of the double bed area
  • A cooker with hob and small oven.
  • Plenty of ventilation options, with flyscreens
  • Diesel with less than 70,000 miles on the clock

One bonus was that Boris came equipped with an excellent Webasto Dualtop diesel space and water heater,  and a solar panel.  We added a second leisure battery, and are now quite self contained. We can manage a week or more without electric hook up, or running the engine as we demonstrated at Glastonbury Festival this year!! (Although we weren’t running the heater obviously)

We are happy to answer any questions about these aspects of the van…to the best of our ability anyway!

7 thoughts on “Technical Stuff and information about the campervan layout.

  1. Alan and Sue

    hope you both have some wonderful adventures in Boris. Then Issie can have a lot more holidays with us.Have FUN.


  2. Lindy and Cass Cassedy

    Have you ever seen another Family 4? We have only seen one other and now we are a club of three. Don’t know why but we were very pleased to see your blog about Boris. We love our van,
    Your key essentials are the same as ours. We have a wind out awning with guttering to divert the rain from the open door and we are a year younger, 2008. Happy travels – Lindy and Cass


    1. Hi Lindy and Cass, Great to hear from you. Boris is pleased to hear that he has a sibling! We have never encountered another one, and it baffles us because we think it is a great layout- much better than so many vans of this length.
      We have debated whether to get a wind out awning, so it is interesting to hear about yours. Do you have a blog?
      Best wishes Anne and Chris


      1. Lindy Cassedy

        We don’t have a blog and we have never taken the van out of the UK, there are so many places to go to and explore.
        Last 10 day trip was to Northumberland, beaches and Hadrian’s wall.
        Very lucky with the weather and the scenery amazing. We do take our 12 year old granddaughter on trips during the summer holidays. Adding a blow up awning on those trips.
        Do you use Boris during the winter? We are unable to park ours at the house so have to winterise it at a lock up. We also have a solar panel and 2 leisure batteries so no problems with battery failure. This year we modified the access to the gas bottle so we only have to lift one cushion to open it, as we like to leave the bed down all the time.
        I enjoy your blogs, fantastic food pics
        Best regards Lindy


      2. Hi,
        Good to hear from you. We were in Northumberland in June – we love it there.
        We do use Boris in winter – in fact our very first trip was in March 2013 when we had 3 nights where the temperature dropped to -7 degrees.
        The diesel heater was a godsend but we were very snug.
        We have an electric blanket on the bed so if we are on hookup, we use that. It is brilliant when it is cold, and also for airing the bed on damp days.
        Funnily enough, the gas bottle access is our one grumble, as we also like to keep the bed up, so this year Chris modified it by putting a gas and watertight circular sailing hatch in the front wall, so we can just reach in and turn the gas on and off without disturbing the bed at all.

        We were hoping to get up to the Lakes this Autumn but I am caring for a very poorly relative so that will have to go on hold I think.
        Do keep in touch.
        Best Wishes Anne


  3. Lindy Cassedy

    Just a quick email…
    There is another Family Four, for sale now – Campbell’s Motorhomes, Preston.
    Good price too.



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