Back on the Road again…

Yesterday, we went on a day trip to meet our son and daughter-in-law Peter and Tracy. We live too far apart to visit for the day, so we decided to meet in the middle and take our ‘house’ with us!
We met at Welford Park, a privately owned house in Berkshire which is famous for its snowdrops.
Despite being a bitterly cold day, we had a lovely walk around the grounds and marvelled at the carpets of snowdrops and aconites. There were also hopeful signs of spring everywhere, with hellebores, daphne and witch hazel coming into bloom, and catkins and willow buds in abundance.
It is only open for a few weeks in early February and we would definitely recommend it.
(Another place with equally lovely snowdrops is Walsingham Priory in Norfolk which we visited last year!)
Following the walk, we used Boris to get changed out of our muddy clothes, and then paid a visit to the 5 Bells pub at Wickham. It is a very traditional thatched pub with very friendly staff, their own microbrewery and an excellent selection of Ales and Ciders. Chris was very happy because they offer a thirds platter – 3 glasses of a third of a pint each to enable you to try 3 beers!
chris3beersfeb17We also had an excellent lunch there, so again, highly recommended.
Then a return to Boris, where the diesel heater had us warm in minutes, and then we enjoyed some games with tea and cake before heading for home in opposite directions.


It was a great day, and reminded us how useful Boris can be even for day trips.

4 thoughts on “Back on the Road again…

  1. dosdeuxswei

    Hi Anne & Chris, Looks like you had an enjoyable visit to Berkshire earlier this month and Boris back in action again. Hope you are both keeping well, certainly look well in the photos aided by the liquid refreshment perhaps ? Hope we may be able to catch up sometime. I, David, had a cataract removed last Saturday so currently one of the mildly walking wounded. Can’t say it has improved my “ looks ‘ but it has improved my ability “ to look “, early days but think well worth doing. Just a line to keep in touch, Love and best wishes, David & Yvonne xx


  2. Hi, could I ask a question about the double bed? We went to look at a Danbury family 4 in Auchterarder but there was no one available to show us around. To us the double bed at the back didn’t look long enough for anyone over 5 foot. Just wondering if there was some way of extending it that we missed? We’re two adults and 2 kids looking to upgrade from a mazda bongo. 😁


    1. Hi,
      The bed makes up across the van. The internal measurement is about 6 feet. My husband is 6 feet tall and he sleeps beryl comfortably. Also there are 2 pads in the wall recess which you can remove to gain an extra inch.
      We really love our van. Especially because we can leave the bed made up and still have somewhere to sit. That is unusual in vans under 6 metres.
      Any other questions, do ask!
      Best wishes


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