3. Beautiful Yorkshire – volunteering for Oxfam!

2015-08-21 23.17.32

Boris is installed on a school playing field in Skipton with a stunning view over the Yorkshire Dales.

We are here as volunteers for Oxfam who organise a huge walking event each year called Trailtrekker. Teams of 4 walk 100km in a maximum of 30 hours. Right up your street maybe Nicola Simpson and Jen ! Lots of Tough mudders here!

There are over 700 walkers and with entrance fees and sponsorship it can raise over £500,000 for Oxfam, which is incredible. It us a great way to help!

We walked into Skipton…very pretty with many narrow boats on the Leeds and Liverpool canal. We found a tug boat selling icecream, and discovered that the mills here were built in the early 1800’s by the Dewhurst family. Their main product here was Sylco cottons.20150821_17274120150821_173457

The mills have been nicely converted into apartments.

Tonight we were checking in the teams, who start walking early tomorrow. 2015-08-21 23.16.22Our main shift is on checkpoint 3 at the 65 km mark, in Buckden, right at the head of Wharfdale.  Sadly the shift is from 23.30pm tomorrow until 6am Sunday so the views won’t be too great.

The weather forecast isn’t great but we hope to get a walk in ourselves tomorrow….and maybe some sleep before the night shift!

Night night.

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